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The Shelter-in-Place checklist should be augmented to last you and your loved ones a minimum of 14 days; more if you expect to be housing additional guests or know of specific natural disasters common to your region. Related but separate is the accompanying Go Bag checklist, a bag kept packed and ready at hand for a three-day evacuation (double check that assumption for your specific area) and the Get Home Bag checklist, designed for just enough time to return home assuming normal commute vehicles/avenues are not available (less than 48 hours).

This Shelter-in-Place list can be used for an individual household, or (my preference) extended to include select neighbors to take advantage of bulk purchases, sharing of tools, and the many other benefits of a strong neighborhood we’ve discussed in the book. Each member of your household should have a Go Bag, including pets. Store your Get Home bag at your work desk; do not assume you will have access to your vehicle or other areas of your workplace.