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Hey, Scott here...whether it is through the below form or on your favorite social media channel (icons below), I'd love to hear from you. 

Feedback: I'm a fan of continuous improvement, and the Prepared Neighborhoods book was a fun exercise in co-creation with a wide number of folks across North America. I'm currently collecting improvements and additions for the second edition of this book; your constructive feedback, suggestions, and thoughts are always welcome. 

Consulting: Over the course of researching and writing this book, I developed a deep network of community leaders, doers, and builders from neighborhoods across the nation. Should you be interested in engaging myself or my team on your project, please begin the conversation via the below form. 1:1 Skype sessions are available, as well as in-person sessions if you are within a three-hour driving radius of Seattle (I've eliminated most airplane travel from my life). To hear directly from a few of the top-performers and executive teams I've coached over the years, you can skim through these testimonials

Speeches: I have 20+ years of public speaking experience for groups large and small. Scott Wolfman best summarized my approach to delivering a tailored speech for your group when describing a talk I gave to one of his clients:

“When Washington University in St. Louis — a prestigious Midwest school — asked me to find an inspirational speaker from the world of social enterprise to keynote a social entrepreneurship contest on their campus, I rolled up my sleeves, went online and contacted many fascinating and qualified candidates. But my search ended when I found Scott James.

Not only was his story exactly what the university wanted, but his personality and infectious passion and enthusiasm for his work, put him at the top of their wish list. Scott hit a homerun for us and for the client.”

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