“Scott James has a hands-on, deeply philosophical, understanding of the world we live in and of the need to address the issues that will impact his children and mine — all the children of our planet. This book guides us along a pathway to truly understand the nature of our collective futures. It is a brilliant tapestry that interweaves the emergency preparedness and sustainability movements.
— John Perkins: New York Times bestselling author

“Prepared Neighborhoods is a powerful resource for both small communities and individual households. Scott James clearly lays out the “What If’s” many of us harbor in the backs of our minds and proposes sustainable and resilient ways to address them. Best of all, this book is written for real neighborhoods, using the language they speak in and clear examples.
— Caitria O’Neill: Founder, Recovers

“Scott James has filled a missing link in the transition to a new economy. The neighborhood unit – bigger than a household and smaller than a city – is the essential human scale for building community resilience and preparedness. Get your neighbors together to read Prepared Neighborhoods and act!”
— Chuck Collins: Senior Scholar, Institute for Policy Studies Co-Founder, Resilience Circles Network

“Books like Scott’s are resilience stabilizers, helping us navigate the circuitous path of change. Communities come together for solutions. Going it alone is a myth; the more we embrace our collective wisdom and skills, the stronger and more resilient our communities become. Oh, and make sure that those communities are building fun into the mix – no one wants a future unless it is going to be fun! “
— David Johnson: Advisor, Transition Towns US

This is a beautifully written, essential book for our times! So inspiring, this idea of connecting neighbor to neighbor to help and more fully enjoy each other. Prepared Neighborhoods gives us practical advice and real world examples about how to create a resilient neighborhood leading to deeper connections and true peace of mind! Since reading the book, I’ve already started a Map you Neighborhood project where I live!
— Kimberly Gallagher, M.Ed.: Author of the Herb Fairies series; Creator of Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game.